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About Us


An Undying Passion for Beauty Skin Care and Life


Cellglo Singapore Products is a Singapore based partnership that was born from our desire to have the choice to live a lifestyle that is natural, healthy and kind to the environment. We saw the range of Natural Products that were available in countries that we travelled to and wished that they were available back home in Singapore. So we did something about it … created Cellglo Singapore.

We are passionate about bringing people natural, quality products at reasonable prices. Our products are sold either under the Cellglo Singapore label or they are from other suppliers who share the same philosophy as us and we are proud to offer their products to you.

If you have suggestions about other products that you would like to see on our site, please let us know. Similarly, if you have any feedback on our products, please share it via the links provided or write to us via our Contact Page


MAY LEE & everyone at Cellglo Singapore.

Cellglo Singapore about nature

Cellglo Singapore believes in the power of nature and uses natural oils, herbs, grains, honey, goat milk, essential oils and many other great ingredients to make our products. They are not only beneficial in their use, but provide delightful scents making them a pleasure to use.


Cellglo Singapore on quality

Natural ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they have qualities that benefit the skin and overall health. We use as many natural ingredients in our products as possible, so for example, in our Products Cellglo Singapore uses Lutein, Black Current Fruits, Cranberry Powder, Elderberry Powder, Raspberry Powder and quality distilled/cold-pressed essential oils possessing various healing qualities. Where practical, we also incorporate Organic indredients in our product formulations. All of our Essential Oils are tested using gas chromatography to ensue purity and quality.


Cellglo Singapore on truth

Wild practices truth in labeling and lists every ingredient that goes into the products and for our Products; into the Products making process.


Cellglo Singapore about the planet

Wild uses natural ingredients from sustainable sources that does not compromise the environment. We also minimise packaging and use biodegradable and recyclable material wherever possible.

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