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Cellglo Creme 21

Cellglo Creme 21

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Body Collagen

Using Wild Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) and Wild Glycine Soja (Soy Bean) Phyto-Placenta as our two (2) major ingredients and six (6) others important ingredients, we promise to deliver reverse aging and cell-activation hormone balancing series to all our customers. By nourishment wellness through the skin using 90 seconds TRANSDERMAL ABSORPTION and it works in complete harmony with Mother Nature.

“Is so natural and safe that we can guarantee it !!”

Direction of use

The 6 main daily application areas for Body & Wellness:


Cellglò Crème 21 Lymph Node application methods:
(See amazing results in just 5-7 days!)

1) Inner Arms Area ( Both sides )


Apply 1 press of Crème 21 on each Inner Arms, with
(Area A) up and downwards and (Area B) circular stroke, up to 10 times.

Results in Face and Breast Lifting
Prevents Breast Cancer

2) Neck Area (Both sides)


Apply 1 press of Crème 21 on neck area and
rub softly with up & downwards stroke, up to 10 times

Results in Face Lifting
Diminishes wrinkles

3) Back / Waist Area ( Both sides )


Apply 1 press of Crème 21 on back area, with
downwards stroke, up to 10 times.

Relieves stress
Increase blood circulation
Unblock bladder meridian

4) Breast Area ( Both Sides )


Apply 1 press Crème 21 on Breast (Area A)
and 2 press on (Area B), with up to down and circular stroke, up to 15 times.

Balances the Hormones.
Increases blood cells
Breast firming

5) Inner Tight Area ( Both Sides )


Apply 1 press of Crème 21 on thigh area,
with upwards stroke, up to 10 times.

Relaxes leg muscles
Thigh firming

6)Abdomen Area (2 inches below Navel)


Apply 2 press of Crème 21 on central of the navel,
belly area, with circular stroke, up to 10 times.

Relieve period pain
Reduce body weight

Healing Reactions :

The early signs of recovery of one’s general health include :
Recharged functions.
Cell activation.
Detoxification by frequent urination and excessive sweat.
Hormonal balance.

Results can be achieved :

After the 1st day of application or after 1 month.
CGenerally, each recovery symptoms may last between 3-14 days.

Who are more prone to experience healing reactions ?

City dwellers.
People with constipation, liver and kidneys problems.
People who are on long term medication.

How to reduce severity of healing reactions?

Drink more water.
Exercise frequently.
Rest more.
Apply more Cellglò Crème 21.

What is best time to use Cellglò Crème 21?

Morning: Use 1 press after shower or wash clean before breakfast.
Night: Use 1 press after wash clean, 15 minute before bed time.

Other applications?

Cellglò Crème 21 can be applied on hair to prevent hair dryness, split ends or hair loss.
Cellglò Crème 21 can be applied on wounds to stop bleeding and speed up recovery.

What’s the amount to apply?

No restriction on amount to be use (up to your choice).
Depends on body condition, health and age.
For best results, please drink more water in the afternoon after applying Cellglò Crème 21.

2 Major Ingredients



Wild Dioscorea Villosa (wild yam) is a tuberous plant. It was used by Mayan culture as a pain relieve agent and by Chinese as a top grade medicine. It was regarded by Chinese as a main source of more than 50 types of hormone precursor in medical science. Today, wild yam is a popular alternative substance in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRP). It helps to enhance the breasts, preserving youthfulness and stimulate men’s libido. It relaxes the muscles, soothes the nerves, improves circulation of blood and has anti-inflammatory effect. It is used to reduce menstrual cramps for women, anti-spasm and relieving pain. It is also a treatment for PMS, neuralgia and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, Wild Dioscorea Villosa / Wild Yam is a diuretic. It is found useful for liver cleansing.




Wild Glycine Soja (Wild soy bean) is a non genetically modified (GMO) plant. Our Phyto-Placenta is derived from this hydrolyzed Wild Soy bean protein gel. It is designed to offer a composition that mimics the natural biological effects of mammal placenta. The functions of Phyto-Placenta in help our skin to develop and form Collagen Type 3. This Collagen Type 3 in many ways helps to maintain the firmness and smoothness of our skin. It works best to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


The skin of children between 4 to 10 years old have 90% Collagen Type 3 and 10% Collagen Type I. Their skin are found to be smooth and without wrinkles.


The skin of adult above 45 years old have only 10% Collagen type 3 and 90% Collagen Type I. Their skin might be found to be smooth but with wrinkles.

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In fact, after average of 30 years old, the percentage of Collagen Type 3 is left only about 50% or less. The main reason causing the reduction in Collagen 3 is hormone imbalance due to environmental pollutions, chemicals from food and stress. (As refer to below diagram)


These shows that Collagen Type 3 in young skin is the primary reason for the skin to look youthful, smooth, radiance, without wrinkles and fine lines.

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